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Colorado has raised a generation of kids that have been taught to belive that marijuana is medicine and that its safe. In fact, Colorado kids have some of the lowest perception of risk in the nation.

Today's High Potency THC

This is no regulatory framework that requires products to be tested for safety or efficacy before being advertised as medicine or making medical or mental health claims.



Despite a marijuana industry claim that marijuana is not addictive, research has found that just over 20% of cannabis users have some degree of cannabis use disorder.



"Researchers found strong evidence of an association between cannabis use disorder and schizophrenia among men and women, though the association was much stronger among young men. Using statistical models, the study authors estimated that as many as 30% of cases of schizophrenia among men aged 21-30 might have been prevented by averting cannabis use disorder."


Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Uncontrolled cyclic vomiting that often requires emergency treatment to stop vomiting and rehydrate.



Psychosis is losing touch with reality and experiencing visual and or auditory hallucinations. "Our findings confirm previous evidence of the harmful effect on mental health of daily use of cannabis, especially of high-potency types. Importantly, they indicate for the first time how cannabis use affects the incidence of psychotic disorder."-Lancet Psychiatry

The contribution of cannabis use to variation in the incidence of psychotic disorder across Europe (EU-GEI): a multicentre case-control study. Marta Di Forti, PhD

Diego Quattrone, MD, Tom P Freeman, PhD, Giada Tripoli, MSc, Charlotte Gayer-Anderson, PhD, Harriet Quigley, MD

There's a lot of myths out there that driving high is no big deal in Colorado. The data says otherwise.
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