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We are Colorado based non-profit.

We know that this generation of kids is facing new and complex challenges that threaten the trajectory of their lives. This isn't life in the 80's.

Our youth and young adults have to deal with a risk landscape that has changed dramatically. Whether it be the anxiety and dread of yet another school shooting, being the target of an addiction for profit industry, or losing the care-free ability to experiment and take risks in college. Colorado kids are trying to navigate a very complicated and often dangerous reality. Blue Rising works to shed light on these issues, educate parents and policy makers, and above all improve the lives and the future for this generation of youth in Colorado.


We learn from the lived experience of  impacted families and use what we learn to educate elected officials, develop, pass and implement policies at the state level and when appropriate, at the local level. Statewide policy sets expectations and lays a consistent foundation across city and county lines protecting young people regardless of where they live. We seek to find common ground between both political parties whenever possible. Our impacted families are from across the political spectrum and we believe that we must come together, beyond politics, to solve the most pressing issues that impact youth and young adults across the state.


We have found that engaging in policy from passage to implementation is critical to achieving effective outcomes - saving lives, as well as identifying additional gaps along the way. We work to close those gaps through a combination of additional policies, rules  and regulations, and program development. Sometimes it is also necessary to develop and provide additional support for institutions or grassroots community organizations that are doing hands-on work.  Impacted families are at the table every step of the way, doing what they can to ensure that other families don’t have to suffer the same loss.

Blue Rising has helped me and other mothers redirect our pain and angerin a way that has h

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