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High Potency THC

We focus on educating policy makers and communities on the dangers of high potency THC use for young people in Colorado. Unfortunately, many youth and their parents ,have been misled into thinking that marijuana is safe because it's legal. However, the potency of today's marijuana is much higher than before, leading to serious mental illnesses.

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High Potency Products

Marijuana potency has increased 800% since 2010 in Colorado. Parents, schools and policy makers need a better understanding of the mental health impacts of high potency products and the mental health and addiction crisis it has created

Easy Access

18-20 year olds with medical marijuana cards, social media and lax dispensaries are easy ways for youth to get high potency products in Colorado.

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It's not "just weed"

and it's showing up in the toxicology of Colorado teens 15-19 year olds that die by suicide

43% of all teens

66% of Black teens

53% of Hispanic teens

49% of males 15-19

We need to be looking at the toxicology of our teens that die by suicide to get a more comprehensive look at factors that might be contributing to this tragic epidemic.

Colorado Violent Death Reporting Dashboard 2019

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Following the Science on THC

Science, not industry interests, should drive policy decisions on protecting the public health from the harms from high potency THC.

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